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- We provide engineering, consulting and technical support for each stage of the project: design, manufacturing and assembly.
- Manufacture and supply of structural metal products.
- Design of bolted structures.


We perform structural design based on project requirements whether a proposal needs (areas, heights, loads, etc.) or an architectural proposal, taking into account all the features like functionality, speed of assembly, performance and service, seismic and wind charges, to which the structure will be subjected.​


- We control the manufacturing schedule and sending to fulfill the requirements of the work. We use submerged arc welding semi-automatic equipment, Mig-Mag, Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), drilling cutting/ shears and punching machines, controlled by qualified personnel.
- Manufacture elements of constant and variable section from 180 mm to 1800 mm camber, adjusting to the needs of each project.


- Experience in building different types of structures such as mezzanines, roofing, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings, industrial ships, etc.


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